Kurdish Notables and the Ottoman State

نووسەر: Hakan Ozoglu

بەش: English
ساڵی چاپ: 2004
ژماره‌ی لاپه‌ڕه‌: 203
ژمارەی بینین لە ماڵپەڕ: 205
ژمارەی داونلۆد لە ئاپی مۆبایل: 4
ده‌رباره‌ی كتێب:

Kurdish nationalism remains one of the most critical and explosive problems of the Middle East. Despite its importance, the topic remains on the margins of Middle East Studies. Bringing the study of Kurdish nationalism into the mainstream of Middle East scholarship, Hakan Özogálu examines the issue in the context of the Ottoman Empire. Using a wealth of primary sources, including Ottoman and British archives, Ottoman Parliamentary minutes, memoirs, and interviews, he focuses on revealing the social, political, and historical forces behind the emergence and development of Kurdish nationalism. Contrary to the assumption that nationalist movements contribute to the collapse of empires, the book argues that Kurdish leaders remained loyal to the Ottoman state, and only after it became certain that the empire would not recover did Kurdish nationalism emerge and clash with the Kemalist brand of Turkish nationalism.